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Was he history's greatest manipulator?
...Or, did he manipulate history?


(CONTINUED ...) Filmmakers have NOT snubbed WWII in Italy.      
Actually, Hollywood and Cinecitta’ have never snubbed Italians and Italy,
at all — but the topic of ‘WWII in Italy’  had been influenced by a         
powerful sinister force
many years ago, and its effect is still with us!      

Not a paranormal force!  Not even a supernatural event.  Instead, I mean
a powerful force who had manipulated history during WWII.
The manipulator was Joseph Stalin

His motive was to obtain the historical glory of having defeated
Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.  He wanted the glory as savior
of his people - as Russia’s avenging protector!

Actually, I might add: ‘to obtain the glory at all costs’ – and
'to make is name – Joseph Stalin – become immortal.’ 

Stalin’s quest for obtaining glory at all costs and for making his name immortal  is accurately portrayed in the voluminous history about this man ...and about ‘Stalin Worship’ ...

'Stalin Worship' is factual truth.  It was everyday truth in
the 20th century, as it continues to be in our 21st century.

‘Stalin Worship’ had been seeded in the 1930s, it fully matured in the 1940s, and it continues to grow strong even today!  Without any doubt, Joseph Stalin’s name had reached conceptual immortality as groups and nations have attached titles of veneration to his name.  Titles such as:
“Father of Nations“ – “Guiding Star” – “Wise Inspirer” – etc.
They gave him titles even after his death ... titles used even today!

Scholars outside the realm of 'Stalin Worship' have observed that Stalin, the “All-Powerful - All Knowing - Omnipresent World Leader” had personality characteristics intensely skilled in influencing people.  In this way, he had influenced groups and nations thru his personality – and his name has been promoting his personality even more after his death!

But what does all this have to do with ‘WWII in Italy’ lacking representation from the film industry?  And how might’ve
Joseph Stalin influenced it so that its effect is still with us? 
The answer is with his history of diplomatic manipulations.


QUOTING LAURENCE REES from “Politics, World War II

“There is little evidence that Stalin possessed the slightest genuine humanity or compassion. Individuals meant nothing to him. A deeply suspicious and paranoid man, he would do whatever was necessary for his own survival, including murder men, women, and children, and condemn whole nations of innocent people. Whatever was necessary—even be charming.”

from “Politics, World War II

“In fact, by all accounts, Stalin was a brilliant negotiator, winning concessions for the Soviets that would shape the postwar world to his liking, while schooling the Allies in the art of using force and charm to
get one’s way.  His lack of personal vanity meant that he could let Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt drone on while he silently plotted his next move. Whenever Stalin spoke, as one member of the British delegation noted, it was “very much to the point.” Indeed, so outstanding was Stalin’s performance in meetings that Anthony Eden, the British foreign secretary, subsequently wrote that, If I had to pick a team for going into a conference room, Stalin would be my first choice.”

who had met Stalin at the end of the war, said this about Stalin’s photographic memory: 

“This made him a very effective spy prior to the Revolution, as it was not necessary for him to keep written notes. At a party in Moscow during a bright spot in the war against Germany, he startled a British consular officer with his ability to recite many verses of Goethe's Faust in German, and from memory, after this same official had read a representative line of that work from a small book he was carrying in his pocket (Svandize)."

"This memory gave Stalin a tremendous administrative throughput enabling him to create and manipulate an enormously powerful bureaucratic apparatus which his less able successors were unable to control hence one reason for the eventual but belated demise of the USSR in 1991.”      (... by Milovan Djilas)

short 9-point summary from WWII to explain the topic

1) Joseph Stalin had been one of the two villains who had colluded with Adolf Hitler in 1939 for a criminal assault on Poland.  It was the invasion that triggered WWII.  Despite his former collaboration with Hitler from 1939 to 1941, he capably manipulated popular opinion in 1942-1943.  Although he was a foe, he had cleverly positioned himself as one of the Grand Alliance ‘Big3’ and promoted the transformation of his new image as “Uncle Joe.”

2) Prior to 1944, Stalin’s primary goal was to obtain a combat-active second front in the west, a new battlefield against Nazi-Germany.  As “Uncle Joe” he obtained this goal from Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt by using brilliant negotiation
skill and winning their consensus and compromises.
(His former image as foe will return in 1945)

3) Stalin’s desire for a combat active second front was satisfied in 1944 when the British Eighth Army acquires a string of celebrated victories gained by their distinguished Polish 2nd Corps.  The new western battlefield was unveiled in Poland’s legendary Battle of Monte Cassino, followed by their notable northward liberation of Italy in pursuit of defeated Germans.

4) Past the Alps, the new western battlefield embraced Polish Forces of the West and new Allied units from the Normandy invasion.  Stalin got what he wanted, and it was plentiful!  His primary goal had been met by the combat and sacrifices of a large number of Polish Armed Forces.

5) By late 1944 the defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich had become an obvious reality to Allies and foes, alike.  In Stalin’s mind total victory had become a realistic goal and it would have to be a total victory for the Soviet Union (!)  All of it was within his reach and now Stalin’s new main goal was for the Soviet Union to secure victory in Berlin ... single-handedly!

6) In early 1945, during the final stages of WWII, Stalin’s manipulations of the Alliance had become decisive.
He manipulated history to suit his personal desires.
His influence had altered the expected outcome of the war causing Allied units to halt at the Elbe River in order to allow Soviet troops take Berlin freely, and alone!

7) For Stalin, a symbolic-political victory in Nazi-Germany’s capital city was necessary to meet the partialities of his quest to obtain the historical glory of having won the war.

Likewise, his invisible manipulations had capably halted Polish forces at Italy’s Lombardy Plain – held back from concluding their triumphant pursuit of defeated Germans retreating to the Alpine mountain passes.

8) General Wladyslaw Anders' brave Polish 2nd Corps had been held back south of the Po River because Stalin wanted to prevent northern Italy’s imminent German surrender accredited to Polish Forces.  Stalin’s post-war vision for Poland would NOT be compatible with accounts of Polish heroism for Mother Russia and would be a major failing of his ‘sacred’ historical glory.

9) Stalin’s false image as “Uncle Joe” ceased to exist after the invasion of Italy.  Ever since the Battle of Monte Cassino his concern had been to suppress the increasing prominence of Polish warriors for their distinguished bravery that had triumphed in a string of victories in Italy.  Stalin had become annoyed from the prominence credited to valiant Polish warriors - many who had formerly been his slave-laborers in Siberian prisoner camps and work gulags. He knew they would become his enemies.

The gravest effect of Stalin’s manipulations
had resulted in the Betrayal of Poland

(Details about Stalin and the betrayal will be added here)

Link to our page "World Leaders Betray Poland" 

  Stalin's manipulations had always succeeded and had always pleased him, but their effectiveness had to be maintained for the long term.  Thus, true war accounts had been purposely marginalized - some deviously altered - some kept secret or hidden.  Also, same as his manipulations,
his cover-ups had been just as effective, and have carried on to this day.

Modern historical accounts do not clearly call attention to the role of Joseph Stalin as the 'other enemy’ who conspired with Adolf Hitler and triggered WWII.  Historical accounts about the heroic role of Poland's armed forces had also been minimized - Likewise, Poland’s intrepid combat everywhere in the western battlefield delivering overwhelming warfare and bringing shame on Germany all minimized and/or marginalized!

In the end, whatever documentations remained would be kept in the Eastern Bloc separately and with separate interpretations from the accounts kept in the Free World.  Both sides glorified their glories, and hid their dirt. 
As a result, many details of WWII have become vague, or lost.


CLOSING THOUGHTS.   The Italian perspective of WWII is very interesting and it comes with lots of fascinating social-cultural wartime events.  It’s a goldmine of unexploited stories and
resources for film. The War of Lions fills large void in this genre.

THE ORIGINAL FOE, Joseph Stalin – leader of the Soviet Union and also one of the ‘Big 3’ Grand Alliance  he represented the largest fighting entity in the war.  By reasonable estimate his Soviet Forces outnumbered the combined Anglo-American Alliance of International Forces by a minimum of 2:1.  The origins of the war were a personal matter to him, unlike Churchill and Roosevelt whose involvement in WWII had originated from their reactions to its effects.  In contrast with the other two world leaders, Stalin had actually ‘lived the war’ and he ‘resided in it’ from the day he had created it with Adolf Hitler on 23 August 1939
until Nazi Germany’s surrender at Reims, France, on 8 May 1945.

But, was 8 May, 1945, reallthe last day of WWII?
(to be continued)



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